What started out a as just an daydream, in 2009 I decided to make my idea a reality. With only a few design, a hand full of drawings, and a hell of a lot of passion, I started out on a Weary eyed journey to make this idea of mine work.


After working for a year creating, designing and hand painting some of the unique pieces, Sheridyn Swim officially launched it's online store in 2010. It soon became an internationally recognised and girls all over the world were heading to the www.sheridynswim.com.au website. We began to be flooded with orders, our swimsuits featured in boutiques around Australia and overseas and we became the #1 selling swimwear store on www.ebay.com.au



Never in my wildest dreams did I ever expect to be walking down the beach and see girls & women of all ages wearing & enjoying my creations. I remember the feeling when I first saw a girl in one of my hand painted designs, I felt very thankful and extremely blessed.


I am so thrilled & excited to expand my brand into it's sixth year with our latest Sheridyn Swim collection featuring some of my  bikinis, one piece swimsuits, swim skirts, wraps, padded swim tops and our my new Swim Sport collection.

It has been important for me to not only create a beautiful, comfortable & unique line of swimwear and clothing that women around the world can enjoy but also a product that is fantastic quality and affordable.

Thank you for being a part of the journey.....



Sheridyn Swimwear: The journey so far . . . ......

From first concept to reality.


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