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"Your mind is normally active, generating a continuous flow of thoughts, sensations and emotions. Meditation practice recognises that this is how the mind functions. It does not try to stop your thoughts, but rather, offers techniques for letting them go." - Buddhist Council


I have been very interested in learning more about Mediation and the fundamentals of the practice and its benefits in connecting the Mind, Physical & Spiritual body with the soul. I wanted to share a passage I found that shows insight into just where it stemmed from and how our ancestors learned of it's benefits.

"Mediation has been practiced in many cultures around the world for thousands of years. Some of the earliest written records of meditation (Dhyana), come from the Hindu traditions of Vedantism around 1500 BC. The Vedas discuss the meditative traditions of ancient India. Around the 6th to 5th centuries BCE, other forms of meditation developed in Taoist China and Buddhist India."


Mediation then spread to not only other "spiritual" places but also across the world. It is now something that many  people in Western Cultures practice because it is a proven practice to reduces stress, calms the mind, improves concentration, promotes a healthy lifestyle, increases our inner peace and helps us raise our consciousness to feel more connected to ourselves, each other and the Universe.


As a huge advocate for practicing meditation and seeing the benefits it does for our minds, our bodies and souls, I wanted to share links to some of my favorite "Guided" meditations and also my favorite Native American "deep relaxation" music for those starting out on their meditation journey, especially if you are finding it hard to know where to start.


I find the benefits of listening to guided meditations or peaceful music (I almost always play this music most nights as I fall asleep and I always feel more rested, less stressed and it helps take away the stress of the previous day.) The "vibration" of music itself and the kind of music we choose to listen itself is very healing. (I will aim to make a post about the benefits of sound healing, about gong, crystal bowl and other sound therapy in a later post, but for now l will stick to the basics.)


I have found these particular ones a great way to introduce yourself to meditation especially if you have trouble with overthinking and "quietening" your thoughts. Sometimes our monkey minds are just to loud and soothing guided meditation and music can really help assist when starting out.


The Native American Nights music is just so beautiful too, (I first came across it in my favorite little Hippie treasures store in my home town on the Central Coast, Gnostic Corner, I was first drawn to the gorgeous cover, sher sang to me, but then after listening to it, I feel in love.)

and it is now one of my favorite pieces of music I have ever heard. It always takes me to such a special space, somewhere my heart feels at home, connected to all life, and my imagination dances in such a way that my heart always feels lighter when I return.


How to get started with mediation:


I believe that devoting time to honoring yourself through mediation to be so beneficial to ever single person on this planet. It helps us to not only appreciate ourselves, each other, our human avatars but also teaches us self love and appreciation for all beings on this Earth which is so important.


Many people meditate in many different ways. I personally love to sit outside alone in my own space, barefoot, by the sea or under a tree, in nature, listening to the sounds of a forest. Even walking along a beach barefoot, feeling the earth under your feet can be a form of meditation - but some days we just can't find the time to do so, and the comfortably of our own home is the perfect place to start.


Starting is so simple. I promise!


Sit in a comfortable posture, or lay down. Listen to what works for you at this present moment.


Gently close your eyes.


Bring your focus to your breathe, the way it sounds and start to breathe slowly in and out, deep breathes.


Any thoughts that enter, try not to control, let them come and let them go, bring your thoughts back to the breathe.


Focus your breathe to different parts of your body, feel it fill your stomach, breathe in the positive energy, and breathe out all that no longer serves you, a beautiful symbol of letting go.


Keep a gentle smile on your face, by doing so it keeps you relaxed, peaceful throughout your meditation experience.


As you come close to the end of the meditation, don't be in a hurry to open your eyes and start moving about.

  Open your eyes slowly and gradually and take time to become aware of yourself and your surroundings. 



Native American Nights - by Niall.


This is one of my absolute favorite pieces of Native American inspired music by Niall. In fact this is honestly one of my favorite pieces of music ever.

Niall creates Relaxation and "New Age" music and has been writing music since the early 90's. He has a lot of incredibly beautiful pieces of music and I highly recommend you check out more of his work. I love how he seems to tell a story with flutes and chants & powerful musical underscore. I find I really resonate with this music in my heart. It not only makes me feel peaceful it also takes me on a journey as it goes along and brings back memories of past lives (that my friends, is a story for another blog). I also play this with River, and I notice his mood become more relaxed when I do so.


This piece of music is just under 1 hour long. I find listening to it and using my pure essential oils on my chest or neck (I have been using DoTerra Essential oils, depending on which one I need for that present moment and you can also use them in a diffuser which makes the energy in the air so relaxing) and I truly find it is a wonderful way to relax and helps my brain and body feel rested. Sometimes doing this for even 20 minutes makes me feel more rested that a full nights sleep!





This piece is also a beautiful one. It is quite long (9 hours) and I love playing it softly in the background as I fall asleep and it keeps me relaxed for hours.






This is a beautiful little mediation that I have also used to introduce friends to some incredible journeys in mediation and to find their "spirit" animal. Yes, even the skeptics find their spirit animal and each individual journey is different.

The animals you meet on your journey themselves also have meaning and give us messages. I have a wonderful book that I always refer to by Dr Steven Farmer called "Animal Spirit Guides". My girlfriend Renee got it for me (thanks Ney) and its been such a wonderful reference to have on hand.



In Animal Spirit Guides, Dr. Farmer provides concise, relevant details about the significance of more than 200 animals that may come to you in physical or symbolic form as guides and teachers. With each animal listed, he provides specific meanings of the visitation; practical ways that they can help you as spirit guides; and how, as your power animal, they reflect characteristics that you possess. You’ll also find a “whom-to-call-on” section that will tell you which animal spirit guide to call on for any specific purpose.


I have found this book to be SO ACCURATE. When I see animals both in mediation or when they come to me in physical form. I always refer to this book.





I find Jason Stephenson's work very therapeutic and his voice lovely to listen. The music and sounds in the background are also very nice to listen to and not overpowering the meditation.


It helps us to be in the present moment and let go of what no longer serves us. A wonderful mediation to listen to and great for any level of mediation.





The vibrations of this piece is lovely. It is perfect to use it for deep sleep, the music really helps with insomnia, relieve aches and pains and any stress or tension. The sleep music has added delta waves in which to help you reach a deeper and more peaceful state of mind within minutes.





This guided meditation takes the listener on a journey high above the earth to see their problems from a new perspective.

The beautiful relaxing music is composed by Christopher Lloyd Clarke. Jason speaks on the Guided Imagery meditation and it has been written by Annette Young.

This meditation helps heal from anxiety, help with stress, a peaceful and relaxing life, calmness, anxiety free living. Ways to cope with anxiety.




I find this a very easy mediation to do that also helps with accepting, letting go and moving forward. It is more of a "teaching" mediation as it helps us accept many life lessons and helps us grow.




I hope this post brings light and love to all that need it, and I hope you find one that you resonate with and feels comfortable with. Sending loving healing vibes to all my brother and sister in the universe.


Sheri x








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