HEIGHT. : 5'8    

DRESS :   AU 8      

EYES :  BLUE        




Sheridyn Fisher is an Australian born and bred model, actress and Author of her first self-published book “Plant Based Life” (www.thisplantbasedlife.com). With over 15 years experience in photographic, editorial, runway, beauty, TV, Film, acting, on screen fight choreography, on screen stunt work, makeup artistry, photography, art and directing, Sheridyn has grown a social media following with her inspiring content which now exceeds over 4 million people on Facebook and over 600,000 followers on her Instagram, where she loves using her voice and platform for "those who don't have a voice" and to help inspire others to live a more compassionate life.


Growing up on the Central Coast beaches of Australia, Sheridyn has always had a affinity for all things environmental, the natural world, animals, science, space, spirituality and the of course, the Ocean.


Since Sheridyn could walk she was always on an adventure. At a very young age, she was always very inquisitive, constantly asking questions and always wanting to learn as much as she could about everything here on Earth. Whether it be about animals, her fellow people, places, nutrition, health, science, the cosmos, creative arts, painting, making movies, philosophy, writing and telling stories, Sheridyn has always been fascinated with life and capturing the beauty of it.


Sheridyn was nothing short of a tomboy growing up.  She played representative soccer and even represented Australia in the Kanga Cup, rode dirt bikes, athletics and martial arts.  Being a huge movie buff, Sheri was always creating and making home made movies with her friends and her younger siblings Nick and Kassidy. She loved learning about science, space and the environment with her Pop, and reading, creating & telling stories with her Nonna and Mum. Even though she came from a broken home, she treasured her adventures in nature or the ocean with her dad whose love for surfing, camping and travel is the reason she is always barefoot on an adventure even to this day. Although her childhood was indeed challenging and lead to her being out of home by the age of 13, she treasured the good times with her family and the beautiful things they each taught her.


She always loved challenging herself and was always eager to learn new things. Her huge dreamers imagination, creative passion, and truth-seeking nature lead her to pursue creative writing, learn photography and editing, acting and modeling, and even nutritional based studies has now led her to live a life where she can passionately create in work she loves. 


For almost a decade now, Sheridyn has lived a "Plant Based life" With an enormous passion for preserving the Earth, it's animals and all the people that live here. “Knowing” from a very young age the importance of all life, Sheridyn had spent the last decade self-researching the links between the human diet and the connection to the detremental enviromental concerns we now see today.


Sheridyn's intention in creating herself into a "personality" was always based on the hopes to use her platform to help others, especially those who don't have a voice and to help inspires others to “make the connection” in order to preserve all life, the natural world, our precious resources for the future generations to come. She truly embodies the essence of an“Earth Child” and Eco Warrior.


This motivation was the reason Sheridyn perused and completed her studies (and achieved a High Distinction of 97%) in her Advanced Diploma of Nutrition and received her Plant-Based Nutrition Certificate, Completed (November, 2017), through the T. Colin Campbell Center for Nutrition Studies and eCornel. Sheridyn has now released her first self funded and self published book "Plant Based Life" (www.thisplantbasedlife.com) in hopes to share her knowledge on the benefits of Plant Based health and the links between the human diet and the environment destruction, human health, human rights, malnutrition in third world countries, excess natural resources usage, and more. 


Her intention for the book “Plant Based Life”, coupled with utilising her huge social platform, was to help spread education and awareness of the importance of these issues in hopes to contribute in any way she could to preserving the future for the next generation to come and the love of her son River. After 7 long years in the making (including studying to the best of her ability whilst becoming a new mum) the book includes a mixture of her own healthy Plant Based recipes along with some “veganised" favorites from her friends and family. It also includes her own food photography, information on the Animal agriculture industry and the connection to the environmental damages we see in the world today, mindfulness and mindful eating tips, self love, spirituality and more. Written completely from the heart, Sheridyn truly hopes to inspire others to consider a compassionate lifestyle.


Her career as a model, actress, makeup artist and photographer, Sheri is known for her professional yet down to earth attitude. Her passionate, pro-active, hard working nature and ability to make others laugh, and feel comfortable to be their true selves makes her a not only a pleasure to work with on any assignment, she also always adds her own fun creative style to the job. Known for being a "Chameleon" when it comes to modelling and acting, Sheridyn's diverse portfolio of images shows there is no assignment too challenging. Going from one of Australia's most well known swimsuit and beauty models, to an ass-kicking action hero, Sheridyn loves transforming herself for each project. 


Sheridyn is excited and grateful to star in her first first feature film and appear on the big Screen around the world along side Iconic Australian Actors Ernie Dingo, John Jarratt and Hugh Sheridan in the Universal Picture Movie "Boar" by Australian Director Chris Sun which was filmed in QLD Australia.


As a businesswoman, Sheridyn has been invited to and has appeared as a special guest and key note speaker for the “International eCommerce conference” for four consecutive years not only because of her popularity as a successful woman in business but as the Founder & Creative Director of Sheridyn Fisher Swimwear. Her helpful insight into how she grew her own brand always inspire others in online business, the importance of visual imagery and establishing your own unique social marketing presence always see's her talks as some of the most popular at these conventions.


Sheridyn has hosted talks and appeared on panels with some of the world's most successful Business Executives including companies such as Ebay International, Kogan, Australia Post, PayPal, DealsDirect and Ripcurl just to name a few.


Sheridyn has modelled for numerous companies around the world, starred in Film and commercial roles and also loves to create a lot of her eco campaigns to inspire and educate others to preserve the natural world through her own personal style and images. 


Sheridyn was also nominated in 2010 for "Young Australian of the Year" for inspiring young women to have passion and courage to follow their own dreams, no matter where you come from.


Sheridyn's passion for preserving life and love for humanity and animals alike is inspired by the two people who are most influential in her life, her Nonna and Poppy who will always be her biggest heros. Even though she lost them as a teenager, she always holds them dear to her heart, and as her moral compass in life.


Sheridyn has completed courses in acting at N.I.D.A and also training in kickboxing and on-screen fight choreography. Sheridyn is excited to explore more acting and film roles this year when she films two upcoming films and is also working on independent projects.


Has appeared on the Covers of many magazine's world wide including Women's Health and Fitness x 3 times, Cover of Maxim x 2, Cover of Women's Running, Cover of Destination weddings, Vegan Australia Magazine, Lita Magazine just to name a few.


Sheridyn has modelled for numerous National and International companies and campaigns including Event Cinemas, Face of MLC Center, Cotton On, Under Armour, Von Zipper, IAMMAI Clothing, Face of BrasNThings for five years, La Bante Vegan Luxury Bags, Duskii, Ixiah, Matter Speaking, Veelove Couture, FHM Magazine,  Ken Duncan, Panasonic Lumix, Claytime Vegan makeup and has featured on countless TV & radio shows such as Today Tonight, The Kyle and Jaki 0 show, Sunday Telegraph and many more.

Wedding Magazine Cover Sheridyn
Women's Running Magazine Sheridyn
Lita Magazine Cover Sheridyn Fisher
Women's Health and Fitness Sheridyn
Women's Health and Fitness Sheridyn
Maxim Magazine Sheridyn Fisher

"A successful model, actress and brand ambassador, art & creative director and business woman, Sheridyn is kind, compassionate and a lot of fun to be around. It is easy to see why Sheridyn Fisher has become one of Australia's popular models & personalities both on the social network and to her peers. She is one of the most inspiring, funny and driven people I have ever met. It is always fun to work with Miss Fisher. Her creativity, passion and enthusiasm towards any project makes her a pleasure to work with"

- Neil Dixon, Photographer.

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